Friday, September 14, 2012

The things I've learned so far

Number of blog posts I've started: 7
Number of blog posts I've finished: 0  1!

Sorry guys, I'm trying harder now that life and schedules has settled down a bit. Since I've been going to school now for about 2 weeks I thought I'd talk about everything I've learned so far. 

1. Omani time = [(the time you said you would be somewhere + number of people you're cramming into your SUV) ^ the number of minutes away you claim to be] / 2

2. Gangnum style is THE style 

3. Navy-blue floor-length polyester uniform jumpers are super awesome except for the times when the sun exists.

4. Socializing in the common room, water balloon fights, smashing birthday cake onto peoples' faces, dance parties and silly string battles are both strictly and particularly banned at The Sultan's School due to a long history with all the above.

5. Swings are fun but you are too old and dignified to play on them.

6. I remember embarrassingly little of Al-Kitab's vocabulary.

7. Walking from English to Economics is basically the same as crossing the Arabian desert. 
So. much. sun.
8. UNO is not the mild-mannered card game you once thought it to be.
you can't tell from the picture, but a lot of screaming is going on 
9. The entire world watches Game of Thrones

11. Sometimes when you try to make a video for the state department showing how much of a successful exchange student you are and not only are people's responses not the cheesy one-line quips you were hoping for but the administration walks in and confiscates your ipod in the middle of your video (but it's okay--you get it back)

Not exactly the sentiment I was going for, but this is what you get when you point a camera at sarcastic high school students :)

12. Sometimes you get so excited that you're about to actually finish a blog post that you skip a number


  1. Yay for finished and posted posts!! ^_^ looks like it's awesome, I'm really glad you get to be there!

  2. Ha ha ha, sounds like you are having an amazing time. Swings, Hannah! Swings!