Friday, June 22, 2012

Ma'a salama Maryland

That means goodbye-state-where-I-was-born-and-only-place-I've-ever-lived-because-I'm-going-to-Oman-next-year in Arabic. It's a very succint language.
I've become one of those people that gets a crazy scholarship to study abroad in a country no one's ever heard of. I used to think that these characters were more on the unicorn side of the actually-existing spectrum, but here I am, a 2012 finalist for the Kenedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program. And I'm going to live in Muscat, Oman for a WHOLE YEAR.
(Ohhhh, that Oman)
While the last blog I had (way back in 2008) focused primarily on bad zombie poetry, whiny posts about how boring my life was, and other material that will never see the light of day, this blog is for documenting my first experiment in international living. I invite you all to creep on my life like white-coated scientists observing lab rats. Muscat Lab Rat, maybe that should've been the blog title. 
Now I can't garuntee that there won't be bad zombie poetry, but I hope that you all will follow along. In all seriousness, this is the most most amazing opportunity I've ever had and I'm incredibly blessed to be chosen. I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of YES and can't wait to learn about Islam and Arab culture, while hopefully sharing about my own culture along the way. 
This will be quite the adventure

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